Outstanding, thx so much! [My daughter] sure enjoys sewing and your teaching. Makes me proud and happy to have you be the important connection with the "domestic" art that I learned from my mom - and helped me become a surgeon :)

[My daughter] is so thrilled about working with you. I also have to tell you I’ve seen a marked uptick in her confidence because of it.

[My daughter] said you are one of the nicest, easiest, adults she can talk to! That’s HUGE! You truly have a gift!

Thank you for enabling me - you explain things in a way that breaks things down to simple basics and in a way that makes me less afraid of the machine and tasks.

[My kids] had a wonderful time! They enjoyed and looked forward to every day and are so proud of the product. They wear their pajama pants all the time. Thank you for providing such a lovely experience for them.

Thank you for helping [my daughter] complete her pj bottoms! She has worn them every night since Fri.! I can't get them in the wash :) she loves them and is proud of her project!  Thank you!! We will see you again :)

There are tears in my eyes, thank you so much! You can not imaging how much it means to be in your class! I don't want to judge you, but I think you have a great gift to be a teacher! I learned a lot about sewing, more than ever! But there is also a climate in class that makes me feel good! People share ideas and help each other, they tell stories about travelling and about there life circumstances. It is the first time since I am here that I knew "real Americans" from all over the world :-), and I am so, so happy!

Thank you so very much for the lesson today. We had a great time and learned a lot! [My daughter] was just glowing as we left. We will definitely want to spend more time with you in the near future.

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